Thursday, June 3, 2010

Write much?

I'm not sure if there's worth in writing here anymore, but I guess I thought for those not on facebook or following the Artsopolis world, I'd enter a few updates.

Who would have thought 5 years ago even that I would be writing as much as I am? Between the weekly blog, esavers, newsletters, and various social media for work and writing, editing, adapting plays, I hardly have time in the day left to recount the important life things I've done. I like this writing, more than I thought I would, and am starting to get some recognition, which, while not important to me personally, is comsmic validation in a way.

My 2nd full length play According to Angel is nearly complete and I think I'm pretty happy with it. It's not as smart (yet) as I was hoping, but it should ammuse and engage and certainly it celebrates art. With a good cast it should inspire some conversation and elicit some laughter and that's the best we can hope for. It goes up in January (so...about the time I write next).

I finally got a chance to go to Africa. My 6th continent visit this past April tested my strength being away from the cats (shut up it's harder than you think) for 3 1/2 week, tested my patience with 2 33+ hour plane rides, ewwww, and got me away from email, work, myiphone, and things familiar.

I never got sick of the outline of the trees and the
sounds at night. The landscapes were excellent. Between South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia I think Zambia was the most exciting/surprising. Would have liked to spend more time doing activities and seeing animals there. Stars in Namibia were amazing. The camping in the Okavanga Delta was highlighted by a thunderstorm that pretty much blew me away. Stellencosch wine tasting was decadent! And Botswana was someewhere I would have liked to see less rushed. All in all a good trip. Next on the list is Central America. Poor guatemala is being hit by hurricanes and volcanos, and I think next year if i can find a good time to take another month off I'll get my tropical jungle fix.

Artsopolis is good. New office is a blessing and a curse. I have an orange wall and that is a plus in my book. Some days I wonder how I get paid to do some of my favorite things, on others it definately a job and I wonder when I win the lottery would I still continue to be the Princess. My co-workers are friends and people I care about and respect for the most part and that is somewhat priceless. There is laughter and freedom to make joke and vent to each other and that makes for as healthy a work environment as you can hope for. Rare. We deal with some "corporate" aspect, but we are employeed and make a difference and I just hope we can make it through this economy and some seemingly never ending transistions and continue to grow into the ideas we have had for so long.

3-legged wonder cats are great and I continue to do some volunteer work for the rescue group when time allows. Paxton is such a complex needy creature and Lincoln is so wild and amusing. Both are absolute treasures and comforts. Makes coming home, home. The Jeep rocks. Still going strong after almost 11 years now. He's naked (top down) for the nexxt several months and although I walk just about everywhere these days, it's like a fieldtrip everytime I visit the parents or go to Petsmart.

The world can be an upsetting place. I tend to flit between getting angry at people, politics, tragedy and unfairness ...and just be thankful for everything that I do have with the time that I have left. I've done and seen amazing things this planet has to offer. I'm almost arrested in my developement at this point. Crawl back in the womb and ignore, blissful in an non-meddling alternate reality or fight, lead, educate, change the world. Every day it's different. Tomorrow, we will see. I remain happy by default at al the good that there is.

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